Top FAQs

What is Obunia?

Obunia is a vacation rental search engine created to make the task more easier for travelers. We combine a best selection of vacation rentals, apartments, villas, charming residences, B&B of majors actors and websites of vacation rentals industry. No need to go elsewhere to make prepare your trip, Obunia is there. Obunia has more than 500,000 vacation rentals, apartments, villas, B&B,.. in over 50,000 in the world to ensure that you find exactly what you're looking for – that match your budget. We connect travelers to hosts all over the world.

How does it work?

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From where come your properties?

Our properties come from major vacation rentals sites. We aggregate properties that your search can be faster and more complete. And we do our best to give you the best selection over internet.

Can I list my property?

Currently, you can't list your property directly on Obunia. However, your listing will appear on Obunia if you chose to list on one of our partner websites. Please click "List Your Space" to list your property on one of our partner's website.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Some vacation rentals don't allow pet. To know if you can bring your pet, please use our amenities search filter to find properties that are specifically pet friendly. You may also ask directly the owners when conversing with them, some of them can offer additional services for pets.

How do I know the final price?

By filtering your search details by indicating you check in and check out dates, you'll have an approximate price of the property. Please note that the final price of a Vacation Rental or Short term may differ from the price displayed on our website. Be sure to check with hosts before booking accommodation

Is there any extra fee to pay for the property?

Most of time owners alter prices given peak travel times like weekend, changing seasons, and holidays. In our search results, we list lowest nightly rate sent by our partners. The rate do not include additional fees (tax, vacation rentals websites,...).

How do I know if the property and owner are legitimate?

Some tips can help you to gauge the legitimacy of the owner and the vacation rental:
- Read the property reviews. Often after visiting a property, most of guests take time to provide a rating of a property, This can help you to have a better idea about the vacation rental.
- Call the Owner/ Or chat with the Owner. After some calls or chats exchange, you may ask all questions you want and can be able to judge the confidentiality of the owner.
- Speak with previous visitors Ask the owner/manager for email addresses or phone number of past guests who have agreed to be references, and contact them to ask about the property and their stay.

I'm interested on a property, how can I contact the owner?

On the search results, there a button "CONTACT". Click on the button to be redirect to the a contact form to fill up, then submit it. A second option is, after clicking and reading all details of the property of your choice, click on the button "CONTACT OWNER" to be redirected to the contact form to fill up and to submit. A message will appear on your screen to confirm you that your inquiry has been sent. Also, you will receive an inquiry confirmation in your inbox from our rental partner.

What if I have many choices?

Don't worry! You can still contact owners of properties of your choice. As you can't know if the property is already booked or if the property meets your requirements, It's strongly adviced to contact at least 2 owners.

What can I do if after submitting an inquiry form the owner doesn't get back to me?

It's an unfair situation and we know that. Many reasons can justify the non response to your inquiry form. Maybe the property is already booked on the selected dates, or the can't have an easy access to his email inbox. In that case, please refer us the property ID, so we can get in touch with our partner to have more information about the owner. In the meantime, we strongly advice you to look into alternative solutions; try to find another property based on your wish and criteria details. A good advice is to not submit only one inquiry form. Contact many owners as you can. So, you'll be sure to receive at least one reply to your query.

How am I supposed to send the payment to the owner?

Normally, you have to discuss with the owner about modality of payment. Mostly, the owner would accept a wire transfer of a payment through Paypal. However, please keep in mind that you're using internet and interact with people you don't know. Make sure to invest on the owner by reading reviews, asking his contact number or social ID (Facebook, Twitter,...). Also, trust your instincts. We recommend you to do not send full payment to the owner. You may agree a advance payment with the Owner (10%, 15%, 20%) and the rest of payment, when you will meet face to face the property's owner.

How do I report a technical error on the site?

Thank you for your time, we always appreciate your time and effort to help us to improve our service. To report a technical error on the website, please click on contact us and fill up the contact form under the category :"Technical". Mention with more details all technical problem you have encountered while visiting our website. You may also indicate on which page you were when you did face the problem (www. ____________ .com) and the error message shown if indicated. Lastly, It would be very helpful for us to see your error. So, if you can, please attach a screenshot of the page where the error is occurring. We will use this information to investigate the error.

Does Obunia guarantee the availability and rates of rentals displayed in the search results?

As we import and updates properties from our partners, we always do our best to display the most current information as represented by our rental partners websites. We cannot always guarantee the price and availability of a vacation rental. So, please make sure to check with the hosts before booking your accommodation